Meet Kayla

Hi friends!

I am so incredibly glad you are here! Kaylahaven has been in the works for so long and I am so happy to finally be live! My goal is that you find this blog a place that you not only feel safe, but you can relate to everyday experiences and have some fun along the way! Though I thoroughly enjoy home decor, I wanted this to be a place where I could show you small parts of my life as they come! My husband and I are now living in our hometown raising our three kids (under the age of 5) There is a whole lot of crazy but so much love and I can’t wait to share that with you! If I can provide you any type of inspiration, be it home decor, encouragement, fashion fun or self-care, then this has been completely worth it! My genuine goal is to embrace the opportunity to be creative, all while thriving as a community who lift each other up. Now…let’s get ready to laugh, cry, smile and watch the chaos unfold.

xo, kayla