Loving Lately: June 2022 | Week 3

Kayla Haven | Loving Lately June 2022

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what i’m loving lately—

  1. Upholstered bed: Penelope is the last kiddo in our house due for a bedroom upgrade, so I have been on the hunt for good beds that she can grow with. I am torn between an upholstered bed and another style, but this one definitely caught my eye. The quality of our Hoffman Bed from McGee & Co. is so great that I know investing in a good bed will allow her to have it for years to come (ideally through high school lol) who am I kidding, I love redecorating! Regardless, this is a great neutral- comes in a bunch of custom fabrics and different sizes too!

  2. Lamps: We just got these lamps for our bedroom refresh (read about that here). The unique body shape is beautiful, as is the off white color! I think they will contrast and compliment our new wood nightstands and would also look good on a console! I found them at Lulu & Georgia!

  3. Sunscreen- As we are preparing to travel with the family again this summer, I am stocking up on all of the clean sunscreen. SuperGoop is one of my all time favorite brands. I have a blog post here about my favorite clean sunscreens and beauty products.

  4. Ottoman- I am a sucker for ottomans & stripes. I love the large shape of this one and would look so great as a coffee table or accent piece in a living room.

  5. Linen shorts: Last week when Alex and I traveled to Chicago, I got these shorts at J. Crew and I regret not buying them in more colors! They are so flattering and have the best length! I think they are on sale now too.

  6. Book- This is the book I am currently reading with our book club and really loving it. My goal for the rest of the summer is to carve time out of my day to read outdoors! If you have any other reading recommendations let me know! I love good book suggestions.

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