Bedroom Refresh: My Design Plans

Kayla Haven | Primary BedroomYou might be wondering why oh why would I be changing out our bedroom set! The truthful answer, is content creation. I absolutely love our McGee & Co. bed and our past bedroom design. However, my job as a content creator is to come up with unique designs that would be of value to you. I get asked over and over about our Hoffman bed from McGee and Co and I can 100% attest to the quality of it! It’s literally been a gem! However, the luxury of that great quality product comes with a hefty price tag. This led me to try and find something similar to create a look for less while still keeping in mind quality.

Kayla Haven | Primary Bedroom NightstandKayla Haven Primary Bedroom

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Bedroom Refresh Design Plans

I’ve been eyeing this bed from LuLu & Georgia for quite some time so when they reached out and wanted to partner I thought this was good of time as any to create a fresh look that would be helpful for all of you. Now this isn’t the moss linen color I have but it creates a very similar profile as our Hoffman bed. It has the upholstered headboard and is a linen material! I think it makes such a beautiful statement and although neutral, has plenty of dimension to lay the foundation for a gorgeous bedroom.

Bedroom Refresh | Kayla Haven

If you follow along on Instagram, you know my original plan was to get black nightstands. I truly feel they would make this bedroom exactly what I had envisioned. These are the nightstands I was thinking of! However, like most things right now, shipping delays are causing me to have to modify our design plans quite a bit. So I switched gears and found these lovely grayish brown nightstands from OKA. They should arrive later this week so I will be sure to give an honest review.

We just set up our bed last night so I need to sit with it for a bit before I give you that review as well. So far, it is a really great look for less option. I don’t necessarily think the quality is as good, but if you are wanting the look and cant afford the $3,000 price tag, this might be a great option for you!

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xo, kayla

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