New Years Resolutions: 5 tips for setting achievable goals

tips for new years resolutions

Last year when New Years rolled around I made a vow to myself that I would try to make myself a priority in 2020. Honestly it feels like I have been making this goal for the past 7 years. However, last year was the first year I actually followed through. I want to share my tips for setting obtainable goals for the new year.

I think often people think that because it is a week into the New Year, if you haven’t already followed through with goals it’s too late to make them. That is simply not the case. After we had one of the most challenging years due to Covid 19, I think every day that we are blessed with is, in fact a gift and an opportunity to do something better. No one said your goals setting had to begin January 1st.

new years goals

Here are my 5 tips for setting obtainable, reachable and achievable new years resolutions and goals

1. REFLECTION:   Set some quiet time aside and do some reflecting. I think we often forget about the power of reflection. Reflection can be on contentment and also for growth. When you allow yourself to sit down and think about what went well last year, and also what you would like to change you allow yourself a clear mind. Understanding what worked for you and what did not is the first step to making new achievable goals. Sometimes these reflections can be tough, and maybe even painful but they are the best way to really acknowledge the changes you may want to make. Sometimes reflection can also be on things that went well that you want to carry into the new year.

2. SET THE FOUNDATION FOR HEALTHY CHANGES Our health impacts everything we do on a daily basis. It can affect our mood, our happiness and our worries. I think alot of the time a new year rolls around and people set out to make unobtainable health or weight goals. Sometimes these can be too much all at once and in order to make a lifestyle change it can be more effective to start small. Health goals don’t always need to be surrounded with weight. It could be as simple as drinking enough water each day, or as difficult as stopping drinking or smoking. Typically focusing in on ONE health goal and finding ways to make that achievable, will in turn automatically lead to other health and lifestyle changes. Remember, our health is the foundation to the rest of our lives. We have to treat our bodies with kindness because we only have one. I had previous wrote a blog post about showing up for yourself and holding yourself accountable. You can read my blog post here. 

3. MAKE IT VISIBLE – Make your goals visible so you can see then laid out. Write them down.  This is so helpful for me for not only when I am setting goals but also as a reference to look back on. I honestly will even re-write them on my daily planner so I can see them. I love checking things off a list so if my goal was to take all of my vitamins and drink water I can check it off of the list. If it’s an ongoing goal, keep writing it down. Sometimes I even find it helpful to post those goals throughout the home or places you look often. This could be on your dash board, in the bathroom or on the fridge. Sometimes placing a reminder of your goal next to something you are looking to change can be the daily reminder that transitions into a habit.

4. ACCOUNTABILITY – I typically find it helpful to share goals with someone important to you. If you are living with someone and your goal is to eat healthier or to cut out sugar, let someone know. Don’t just tell them the goal but maybe the reason behind the goal. If people understand why you are wanting to do something different they may encourage and motivated you rather than disregard what you are trying to do. Try and find someone who is supportive, and let them know your goal. Maybe they have their own goal they want to share with you.

5. ALLOW MISTAKES BUT KEEP GOING – This post is not to encourage you to have numerous mistakes but rather be accepting of times when you just fall off the horse. What is important is that you don’t give up on your dream and you keep going. I will be the first to admit, I have made goals in my life, set them and then had an off day. In turn, this caused me to throw in the towel. I would make excuses for why I Wouldn’t have to show up for myself or follow through with the goal because I had already made a mistake or did something I wasn’t supposed to. If you are trying to make an actual life style change, goal setting does not mean perfection. There will always be good days and there will always be bad days. Its what you do AFTER the bad day that defines your commitment. We are human, we live crazy lives and sometimes things just get in the way of our goals. What is important is you come back to it, and realized why you made it in the first place. I recommend writing something down for why you slipped. Journaling or even a simple note to yourself can be the very thing you need to be accountable to yourself. Just like your list of goals, you have the reasons to reference back to when you have a day that could look better.

Lastly, be kind to yourselves. Sometimes making huge life changes, or even small ones for that matter can be incredibly tough. It’s so important to go slow and practice self-care as you do so. When you hit a milestone, by all means celebrate that! Achieving goals is not easy but it is completely doable. Be okay with where you are today, but if you are interested in change, be okay with a challenge. Stop focusing on the past and envision a future for YOU. Don’t dwell on past mistakes, come back to focus and your goals. You can do it.

new years goals


xo, kayla
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