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I should have titled this post “the perfect rug for the busy family” but thought I’d save the good stuff for when you actually read the post! Hi! So glad you are here! Today I am sharing my love and passion for a rug. Yes you read that right, I love a rug. It’s called a Ruggable. And today I am going to share why this rug may solve all of your rug searching problems! This isn’t just any rug, it’s a stain resistant, non-slip and machine washable rug! If you haven’t heard of Ruggable yet, be prepared to hear a lot more! This product is the bees knees and one you want in your home!

Before I go any further I have to thank Ruggable for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Adding an additional Ruggable to our home

We got our first Ruggable last fall and have it in our master bedroom. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when it arrived but boy oh boy am I overly impressed. I think like most of you, searching for rugs online can be extremely time consuming and frustrating because you never know the quality! If you are like me, you likely search the internet up and down for a rug that has a good review and one that you can actually see a picture of in a home!


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Ruggable is here to stay

That is exactly why I wanted to create this blog post telling you all about the pros of owning a Ruggable rug. I figured it was time for this product in particular to have a permanent review and spot on my blog so it can always be referenced. Ever since I shared our master bedroom Ruggable, I am constantly getting questions about the color, size and if we love it. Well the answer is yes, we love it!

ruggable runner

Pros of owning a Ruggable Rug

Here is what you need to know about Ruggable rugs.

  1. They are stain resistant. Yes! You can actually find videos of people pouring glasses or red wine directly on the rug and it coming out!

  2. Ruggable rugs are machine washable! Yes, even the 8 x 10 sizes! If your family is like me you are constantly tracking in dirty feet, muddy paw prints, and spilling crumbs all over the place despite your best efforts. It’s certainly not uncommon to have a mess over here, so the fact that I can literally wash the stains right out, well lets just say I am sold. Where was this rug when Eleanor had her bloody nose a month ago? That would have been a true test!

  3. The rugs come in two parts, a velcro pad, and then the rug itself. When it’s time to wash the rug, you simply remove it from the velcro pad and throw it in the wash! Wah-Lah, clean! In addition to washable, these rugs are non-toxic and anti slip! You are paying for a very high quality product, yet the price is completely affordable! Rugs always seem to be expensive, no matter where you purchase them so the fact that this rug is actually in an affordable price range makes it even better.



kitchen rug

|blue runner|

This spring I wanted to refresh our kitchen with a brighter rug. I chose this blue pattern and I love it so much. It still has that vintage feel I was after but brightens up our very white kitchen and reminds me of blue skies we haven’t seen much of this winter! I didn’t even need a second pad, just the top rug exchanged and I had a fresh new look!

If this post didn’t sell you on trying a ruggable just yet, try my discount code “FUNKAYLAHAVEN15” for 15% off! I promise you, there are so many beautiful patterns you are sure to find one that will work in so many areas of your own home. I also decided to round up some of my other favorites at the bottom of this post, just for fun!

xo, kayla

This post does contain affiliate links. All this means if you do choose to purchase something from a link on my blog, I may earn a small commission. This continues to help support Kaylahaven, my tiny minions and the dreams I am after, so I thank you 🙂

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