Yoga: 6 major health benefits to the practice

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Since the new year began I have been writing about reflection, decluttering and goal setting. Now that we have return from our road trip vacation (you can read about that here) It is time to get back into the swing of things. I thrive with routine, and part of my routine is doing yoga consistently. Last year one of the main contributors to my well being and work success was finding a hobby and exercise program that I love suited my needs and one that I look forward to.

Yoga is a powerful practice: both on and off the mat

I never realized it until this past year, how very powerful it can be for some people. I have been practicing consistently for a little over a year and it has made a huge difference in my health journey; both mentally and physically.


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What are the Benefits of Yoga ?

Yoga helps relax you.

If you are like me and carry stress throughout your days in your mind and body, I would highly recommend giving Yoga a shot. The beautiful art of stretching and moving your body releases this amazing sense of calmness and ease.

Yoga helps with pain relief.

If you struggle with chronic pain in parts of your body, you may find that Yoga is a really healthy way to manage pain. I often find that the practice helps me to really stretch out the sticky parts of my body. Sometimes weight lifting and cardio is not what our body needs, rather it craves gentle movement and flow.

Yoga helps with strength and balance, both on and off the mat.

Yoga not only helps you gain strength in your muscles and your core, but also teaches you inner strength about who you are and what you are capable of.  I often feel balance and restored after a class. I often leave with this sense of peace and gratitude.

Yoga can help you manage stress.

In addition to helping you become more relaxed on the mat, I have found that continuous yoga has helped me learn how to regulate my emotions better. My time on the mat allows me to ground myself, focus on the present instead of worry about the future and all of my to-do lists. Yoga is not just a practice of mobility, but rather learning how to breathe deeply.

Yoga can help you sleep better:

I have found that when I practice yoga, especially consistently, I am sleeping much deeper and longer. I feel relaxed at the end of the night and often use some of the stretches and poses to calm my self

Yoga can help you lose weight:

I used to think the only way to achieve fitness was with high intensity cardio work outs and weight lifting, but that simply is not the case. Last year alone I was able to change my mindset, stress levels and eating habits and with yoga alone was able to lose 15 pounds. The stretches and flow of yoga is not always easy, especially if you add in hot yoga you will definitely see results.

These things are what I have found to be my personal benefits, but there are so many more that come with the practice. You can read about some of the additional health benefits in this article by Johns Hopkins.


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