Kid Proof Sofas: Performance Fabric

performance fabric sofa

When we moved into our new home we had a sectional sofa that we brought from our previous home. It worked for a while, but I always knew with our new living room, I envisioned a different furniture layout. I spent alot of time researching sofas before deciding on the products we did. You can read about how I chose our furniture for our great room here.

Once we decided on the style of sofas we wanted, next came the discussions and decisions of fabric. I ended up choosing two different materials for each sofa in our great room. One being linen because I just love the look, and the other being a crypton. Looking back, I have to say I wish I would have invested to performance fabric for both sofas.

McGee and Co carries a performance fabric called crypton and it is amazing. I wasn’t sure performance material would stand up to the hype and durability its known for, so I wanted to test methods.

Since investing in this sofa, it has now withstood spillage of soy sauce, red wine, spaghetti fingers and chalk without leaving a mark. It literally allows you to clean up any stain without much work at all. I use this cleaner and then a norwex furniture cloth to dab up the stain.


Hale Sofa

We chose the color twine crypton for our Hale sofa and its a beautiful neutral light colored sofa. I love that I can still have a light colored sofa without having to worry so much about stains. Performance fabric has came a long way and I can attest to this holding up to some of my biggest worries and stains.

Since it is an investment I always try to wait for furniture sales. I recently saw that my sofas are on sale for 15% off with code Spring15. Both the Remi Sofa and the Hale sofa can come in this crypton performance fabric. In fact any of their custom upholstery collection can. When you’re investing in a piece of furniture that you are planning on relaxing in- you want it to hold up for many years to come and this one will do exactly that.

performance upholstery


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